How to use CODICT:

1. Use below domain for CODICT:
2. Input the word, choose suggestion/correction/more result, then set the dictionary type (From&To).After that, press 'Enter' or click 'Search' to lookup.

3. Special method.
  • You just only remember some words in phrase (spelling isn't exactly), please use 'Includes one of them'.
  • You remember exactly spelling, but don't know how to order them, please use 'Includes all words'. CODICT will filter phrases that don't includes all of filled words.
  • You remember them exactly for spelling and ordering (Eg: Terms define). Please use 'Includes and keep their order'.

4. Use Vietnamese typing tool:
  • Use button [V] or [E] to switch on or off Vietnamese typing tool.
  • Note: When you are on [V], please use Telex, VNI, VIQR as your favorite typing method.

5. Offline softwares for CODICT on PC and Handheld will be released soon. Please leave your email address when download these softwares for hottest updated information.

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